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.Net: What is managed code? Did you work with unmanaged code in any of your projects? What is GC?

C# What is encapsulation? Benifits? where we using? how we using? virtual keyword usage with examp

What is .NET? .NET is essentially a framework for software development. It is similar in nature to

1. Tell me about your experience ?2. Can you explain your project and what's responsibility in your

.NET enabled Microsoft's marketing people to emphasise the "Network"-ing aspect of its technologies,

what is a Constructor? Constructor is a method that is called when an instance of an object is crea

A compiled list of possible sources of improvement are below: General Make use of a profiler to di

What is JQuery? JQuery is a client-side library built using javascript. It uses "$" as the short ha

Web forms uses page controller or base controller design pattern where as MVC uses Front Controller

Following code shows the design of data access layer with multiple databases. Design your data acce

what is ASP.Net MVC? ASP.Net MVC is a pattern which is used to split the application's implementati

Interfaces are rules (Rules because you must give an implementation to them and that you can't ignor

C# is very popular and easy to code, because of its simplicity.   So what ever C# developers

ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC are two web frameworks developed by Microsoft - they are both good choices

DLLs once deployed in GAC (normally located at c:\windows\assembly) can’t be viewed or used as

As we know that .net is an OOPs based language so we can easily implement design patterns in our pro

Garbage collector is the heart of .NET Framework. The purpose of the Garbage Collector in .NET is to

What is the difference between a thread and a process? What is the difference between an EXE and a

Reflection is a concept of reading the metadata at runtime. System.Reflection.InvokeMember is used t

Use the following code to convert a datatable to a generic list in C#: [C#] DataTable dt = new Data

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