Wells fargo .net interview questions

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What is encapsulation? Benifits? where we using? how we using?

virtual keyword usage with example?

static class usage and purpose with example?


scenario question

1.static class scope? when it get initailized

2.Is there any way to dispose the static class in the middle of the time? is this possible


if there is no Default Contructor what will happen

which design pattern using in you current / existing project? Explanation

SOLID principles in C#

class and object, abstract class, interface and inheritance




How we handle Routing in MVC


1. if we dont put the default routing what will happen?

2. if we mention only the controller name alone but not the action in routing what will happen

Authorization and Authentication in MVC



1. what kind of authentication are you using in your application

2. if you using Azure Active Directory Authentication , tell the steps

3. Authrorize attribute, can we put this attribute in global instead of action or controller, is it possible?

Error Handling in MVC

1. can we set the error handling class as common [attribute] to the application level instead of putting try catch block in each methods in the controller

2. display the value in controller level - viewbag, viewdata and tempdata


Web API 

HTTP verb

Web API authentication



What is CTE in SQL Server?

basic commands like inner join, functions and sp

Current Project explanation

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